Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn Is Here

   Autumn has arrived in South Central Pennsylvania. The trees are turning, the colors are plentiful this year unlike last year. I spent Thursday morning in Gettysburg with my mom, my grandmother and my great aunt. We took time to explore the battlefield, as well as enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Take a look at some of the pictures. 

The monument dedicated to the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry, the unit my great-great-great-grandfather belonged to. He was not present at Gettysburg as he enlisted in 1864.  

Standing atop the short observation deck located on Oak Ridge. Looking towards Oak Hill where the Eternal Peace Light (near the center of the photo) was erected.  

Looking from the same observation tower, but in the opposite direction. Gettysburg College is located on the left-hand side of this picture.  

A monument dedicated to Union General Francis Barlow who, at twenty-nine years of age was severely wounded on this portion of the battlefield. He would recover and serve as a division commander in the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac, until the end of the war. 

Monument to the 25th and 75th Ohio Infantry regiments.  

Looking back towards Oak Ridge and Oak Hill.  

This part of the battlefield is known as Barlow Knoll, named in honor of General Barlow.

Monument to the 153rd Pennsylvania Infantry. 

I took this photo because I realized that this flagpole had been made in America (that is a rare thing to see).

A row of beautifully colored trees on the Gettysburg Seminary grounds. 

One tree in particular stood out.

That same tree, but fully revealed. 

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