Friday, October 12, 2012

Poem - "What More Can I Give?"

   I sat down one evening a couple of weeks ago and wrote this poem in the midst of an emotional time. If you read my prior post you may gain insight into what I have been undergoing over the course of the last three weeks. I have known for some time that God was asking that I give more of myself to Him, and I was hesitant in my response to His calling. I have been living my life in some ways as a Christian atheist, believing in God but living as if He didn't exist (The Christian Atheist is the title of a book written by Craig Groeschel, and I am currently reading it. It is an awesome book, and when I have read it through I will write a review of sorts about it.) I knew what the correct response was to God's calling, but I felt as if nothing really needed to change. I was content. At the same time I was frustrated that God would dare call me out of my "comfort zone." Why did things have to change? This poem is brief, and it explores some of my frustrations.

"What More Can I Give?"
Why do you require more of me?
Haven't I given enough?
Things as they are, are not that bad.
I think about you every day,
I pray occasionally, 
read the Bible from time to time,
attend church weekly,
and I've even memorized a few verses.
I am a good guy
who happens to struggle with a particular addiction.
I know I am a positive influence
because I am complimented on my character, my kind nature.
Surely you can speak to people through me in my current state.
Why do you require more of me?

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