Monday, November 12, 2012

Dan Savage Discusses the Bible

   I came across this video a couple of months ago, and wrestled with the idea as to whether or not post it to the blog. I decided not to at the time. However, I have changed my mind. WARNING - There is an language in this clip. The man who is speaking is Dan Savage. If you are unfamiliar with him take some time to do a little research online so that you have a context for the remarks that you are about to hear. He is a journalist and co-founder of an organization called, "It Gets Better Project." The mission of the organization is to help prevent suicide among teens of the LGBT community. He established the group with his husband in 2010. In April (2012), Savage had been invited to speak at a convention of high-school students interested in journalism. He has often talked about bullying, and was expected to cover that topic during the course of his remarks. Some of his comments concerning the Bible were entirely incendiary, and caused some of the student attendees to walk out of the auditorium. You can read about this by clicking on this link - Students Walk Out on Dan Savage. What was to be an anti-bullying speech actually contained language that targeted Christian students, and belittled the Bible. It is an odd juxtaposition - an anti-bullying speech delivered by a man who appears to be bullying a portion of his audience. Savage has since apologized for his remarks, and it should be noted that his words have gotten him in trouble at other times. It is quite something to watch those students leave the auditorium, inspiring in a way. Many remained seated, and you can hear cheers from some of the students who agree with Mr. Savage. However, those who left must have done so under great strain. Imagine, standing up in the midst of a large audience; there is no way to be inconspicuous about it. By leaving at that precise moment you mark yourself, you are labeled as a Bible believer, a Christian, and a part of the problem as to why we cannot "...clear this one last hurdle."
   One thing is clear to me, we must know the content of the Bible. We must read it, meditate upon it, and ask the Holy Spirit to teach us, to open up the Word so that we might better understand it. Verses can be taken out of context, and misconstrued. The Bible is clear, its message is poignant - we need a savior, we need Jesus Christ. I'm currently reading through the Bible with those in my Sunday school class, and not too long ago I finished reading the Book of Leviticus (not an easy task). I was scratching my head at times thinking, "What is going on? Why are the punishments so severe? Why are people being struck down?" I do not have all of the answers. One thing I do know though is that the Israelites had to follow a strict set of laws, and sacrifice many animals in order to appear clean, sinless before God. Thankfully, we no longer live according to the Law because of what Jesus did on the cross. We are cleansed by His blood, and forgiven
of our sins through Him.

   Watch the clip at your own discretion. The video was uploaded by Youtube user bandroadie95. 

(Caption displayed just below the video. "Dan Savage, creator of the It Gets Better Project, was invited ti speak as a keynote speaker at NSPA/ JEA's annual High School Journalism convention, Journalism on Edge.")         

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