Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pray for Those Affected by Superstorm Sandy

   This time last week the East Coast was staring down Superstorm Sandy. Those of us living in south central Pennsylvania were told to brace ourselves, to prepare for a terrible scenario. Many of the schools had decided Sunday night that they would be closed for the next two days. I read numerous comments on Facebook from people who thought everything was being overblown by the media, and from people who were upset by the apathetic attitude professed by some. I have to admit, I was nervous. I was worried. I wasn't sure what to expect, and how many preparations to make. I went to work Monday evening, and hardly anyone came into the little grocery store. We ended up closing an hour early because no one seemed to be out; there were no customers. While in the store we were picking up reports about the nearby Walmart stores closing, stories about offices and businesses closing early. (We knew that if Walmart was closing things were not good.) I thought I might get a phone call Tuesday morning saying the store was closed, but I never did receive such a call. I went to work that morning and only a trickle of people filtered in through those first few hours.
   We were fortunate in this area as Greencastle and Antrim Township received little to no damage. The rain fell, and the wind did blow, but not nearly as hard as what had been predicted. However, just to the west of us the town of Mercersburg was hit more severely. Even so, I believe this community has nearly recovered. From what I've heard fallen trees have been removed and power has been restored. There are of course regions that are still reeling from Sandy, particularly those belonging to New York and New Jersey. I encourage all of you to be in prayer for those affected by the superstorm. Also, consider giving a donation to the Red Cross ( or finding out if a local church or charitable organization is gathering foodstuffs and supplies and making a contribution. Another organization that is providing disaster relief to those regions ravaged by Sandy is the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Church ( There are ways that each of us can become involved, or play some role in helping those that are in need. We can pray, give a donation of some kind, or actively participate in the efforts to clean-up and rebuild. We have a responsibility, as followers of Jesus Christ, to show the love of God, to help those in need, to provide for those that are facing difficult and strenuous circumstances. Prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do.  

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