Monday, December 3, 2012

I Am Going to a Gaither Christmas Homecoming Concert

   On Friday I will be traveling to Hershey, Pennsylvania with my brother to attend a Gaither Christmas Homecoming Concert. We are thrilled to be going. The roster of artists who will be there include: the Gaither Vocal Band (David Phelps, Wes Hampton, Michael English, Mark Lowry and Bill Gaither), the Martins, the Isaacs, Charlotte Ritchie, Buddy Greene, Gene McDonald, Kevin Williams and Greg Ritchie. We hope to meet with some of the artists after the concert. I hope to upload some pictures to the blog from this event. The last Homecoming we attended was back in 2010, in Baltimore, Maryland. That was a wonderful concert, and we know that we will enjoy this upcoming one as well.  

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  1. I know you and Evan will have a wonderful time!! I can't remember if you've seen The Martins before (I know you've seen everyone else listed)... if not, I know you will love them. The way they can harmonize is incredible! I hope you are able to meet with as many of the artists as possible. Can't wait to see pictures! :-)