Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Poem - "Where Are You Now?"

   I wanted to write something in honor of my Uncle Jeff, and so I wrote a short free-style poem entitled "Where Are You Now?" I read it this morning during the memorial service; not an easy task, but I made it through. I was reminded today of how blessed I am. I have an amazing immediate and extended family; people that are full of love and warmth and encouragement. I am who I am because of these people, and I hope to carry on the legacy so that the generations to come will experience the same happiness, peace, and love that I feel now.

Where Are You Now?
By Marty Zimmerman

Where are you now?
Are you standing atop the celestial heights
gazing out over all of Creation?
Are you dancing across the star studded night sky
on the other side of the world;
or floating on a cloud wandering through the heavenly realms?
Maybe, you are watching over us, acting as a guardian,
or perhaps you have joined the angelic choir
singing and giving glory and praise to our Father above?

I don’t know how angels spend their days, but
I know where you now reside…
Surely you have found your grand mansion,
the place prepared for you by our loving and gracious Lord.
No doubt you are settling in,
for you…are home.

We weep because you are not here with us.
The pain and sorrow are real, as are the tears streaming down our cheeks.
May God wrap His loving arms around all of us here, and comfort us as we mourn.
Our separation from you is only temporary;
we will see your precious face once more, your beaming smile.
At some point we will be reunited,
and what a joyous and jubilant celebration that will be
behind the pearly gates
in a heavenly land where peace and love are everlasting.     

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  1. Again, this is beautiful! I was teary-eyed this morning when you read it. I never met your Uncle Jeff, but it sounds like he was (and still is) a loving person. Mike was right when he said you're a loving family. I only know a handful of you, but you're some of the most loving and caring people I know. I miss being able to see you all. I love each and every one of you, and I'll continue to pray for you. Be blessed!