Friday, August 16, 2013

A Minor Detour on My Road to Recovery & The Crabb Family Sings, "Through the Fire."

On Friday, August 2, My mom and I traveled to the ER of the  Hershey Medical Center. Someone needed to examine a wound that had opened up near the incision on my head. There were signs of possible infection, but I thought worse case scenario would require me to go home with an antibiotic. Not so...Worse case turned out to be, my body's rejection of the bone flap that had been reattached on June 10th. This circumstance prompted the surgeon to remove the bone. The operation I had done in March was redone on August 3rd. I was absolutely devastated by the news. I couldn't help but wonder how far this operation was going to set me back. In all honesty I was angry or perhaps disappointed with God. I was recovering very well, and it just did not make sense that in the midst of my progress I would have to undergo an additional monumental trial. However, as I have witnessed and experienced God brought me through the operation without any complications. So, there will be one more surgery, one final operation. we will sit down with the surgeon next month (Sept. 24th.) and determine what will be put in place of the bone. The journey has been long, and I have endured a series of high points and low points. I am nearly done. I am ready to move on, to live my life, and to experience fully restored health. ever since this last  surgery I have had one song in particular weigh on my mind. "Through the Fire" performed by Jason Crabb and his siblings. May it bless you as it has me.

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