Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bill Johnson's Book, "Manifesto for A Normal Christian Life"

I just finished this wonderful book. It is an easy to read book, but I have to admit some of the content is difficult (If that makes sense).It is a book that challenges the Christian to come against impossible situations. He has a lot of wonderful lessons contained within this book, and I would recommend it to just about anyone. It may benefit those who have been walking with the Lord for a few years more than the new believer. If you are able to find a copy please take some time to sit down and read the content. It is not a terribly long book; I finished it in just  few days. Here are a few thoughtful comments written by Bill, and contained within this book. 

"You and I have been given a divine assignment to carry a person, to host a person into this world and watch the presence of that person work through fallible and weak vessels like you and me and yet bring about absolutely impossible changes in the course of history."   

"God is big; he can do anything he wants. He is absolutely God but for some reason he's chosen to work through you and through me.

"It I theologically irresponsible to take the great promises of scripture and ascribe them to a period of time for which I have no responsibility. I'm supposed to look at the God of promise and to see what might be possible in my day."

"If you understand everything that is going on in your Christian life, you have an inferior Christian life. It's supposed to be mysterious. It's supposed to be that way. It's supposed to be beyond understanding."

"You can't get the peace that passes understanding until you give up your right to understand."

"Repentance is a turning,, an about face from sin unto God. There is supposed to be a shift, a turning in the life, the way we view reality, and a shift from a self centered lifestyle to one where the dominion of God over and every situation is now within reach. That is the message of the Gospel. That is the good news we preach."

"H is not asking all of  us to stand on a street corner and preach. He's just asking us to live sacrificially, one step beyond convenience. Just one step beyond convenience."

"Every revival starts because of God and every revival ends because of man. A move of God is never intended to end."

I hope these few passages have whet your appetite. You will find it a book worth your time, and a book that offers instruction, lessons that would benefit every believer. Be blessed and bless others!


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