Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter Poem

Satan smirked...
congratulating himself on a job well done.
Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah, hung dead upon a rough hewed, blood-stained tree.

The Prince of Darkness had manipulated, deceived and plotted,
working through religious men to have the savior of the world executed.

An innocent man who committed no crime, who never sinned,
who performed incredible miraculous feats, spoke in parables, forgave sins,
confronted the "pious" leaders of his day

was nailed to a cross, by a contingent of Roman soldiers like a criminal.

Jesus willingly laid down his life as a sacrifice for all humanity;
He understood his mission, his purpose for entering into our broken and chaotic world.

He died rejected and alone, scorned by some, loved and admired by others, mocked by the ignorant;
yet,  he died for even them.

When Christ breathed his last, the light of the world was extinguished,
but only for a moment.

Every hellish creature anxiously looked on as the life of Jesus was consumed by death,  that which had always been considered a bottomless pit.

But, God did not die that day!

Out of that deep and perplexing darkness burst forth a brilliant light
that sent a jolt through the demonic legions that had assembled so that they might boast, "I was in attendance at the 'Almighty's' funeral."

In an instant darkness was overwhelmed by God's glory; the shadows retreated in haste at the advance of a pure radiance.

The stone rolled away and from the tomb stepped the slain Lamb;
He bore the marks, the scars that identified him as the one who had hung upon that tree.

All of Hell was exasperated  for death failed to contain the Prince of Peace, the Lord of lords and King of kings.

The funeral that the demons had anticipated was interrupted by a resurrection,and oh how they cringed and groaned and murmured amongst themselves. What had been understood to be established principles was forever altered by the death and resurrection of Christ.

Death was no longer a destination, but a gate through which the redeemed, God's adopted sons and daughters walked through in order to reach Heaven, an eternal land where joy and peace abound, and where sickness and death cannot venture.

What followed Jesus the man was a release of his Holy Spirit, that same force which raised him from the dead. How could Hell counter this outpouring of awesome power and might?

Hell failed to seal Christ in the grave. It has already been shown that evil cannot prevail against God. No force of Hell assembled can successfully stand in opposition to the advancement of God's Kingdom

Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world!

The war is over; Sin no longer holds us in captivity. We are free!

Our champion then descended into the bowels of Hell and before all those who mistakenly thought themselves the victors watched Him take the keys and deliver a crippling blow against their waning cause.

Christ lives! He lives within us!

We are the tormentors of Hell! We are the one's who have been given the task of destroying the works of the devil!

We possess that confident and unfailing hope that others are searching for, longing for, in desperate need of; we have the responsibility to share the Gospel.

Christ did the work and we are the benefactors.

All praise and glory to Him, forever and ever!     

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