Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poem - I Remain Standing

Poem - I Remain Standing
You hit me with an unexpected force that knocked me back, but did not knock me down. God help me upright.
You thought you would reduce me to a weakened shell of a man filled with rage and resentment against God, but you, O deceiver, cannot hide the truth from me.
I see you, the manipulator, the, the liar. God did not orchestrate this. He preserved me through this attack.
I now have a platform from where I can share the Gospel and testify that God heals and restores.
Sharpen your axe, grind your teeth, growl to your heart's content, because God is not done with me yet.
 God will rattle the gates of hell through me. Even if not defeated me, but awakened a warrior spirit in me. I will rail against your strongholds and speak against your schemes.
 I will see the captives set free. I will be emblazoned with a passion for God. I will see wicked schemes unravel, blinded eyes open, hardened hearts softened, evil spirits thrown into a frenzy.
The Lord reveals himself and is in the midst of performing a mighty and good work with in me.
What can stand against God?
There is no force assembled on earth or in hell that can overwhelm heaven's armies.

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