Saturday, May 24, 2014

Poem - Dogged Warrior

I should preface this poem by saying that this is not written to any one person. It's not a reaction to any snide remarks or a mean spirited individual. If anyone is the target of this work it is the Devil. I don't think you can really apply it to any other. Just thought you should know.
Poem - "Dogged Warrior" 

You think so little of me -
To you, I am just an occupant of space -
You believe there is no risk in attacking me,
no consequences -
You bully me, taunt me, intimidate me
in hopes that I will break,
that I will abandon the Truth -

I have looked within me and I have discovered a strength, a tenacity, a perseverance;
traits that you are either ignorant of or downplay
so that I will never live up to my potential, never develop into the man God has called me to be.

I am your punchline
I am the victim
I am defeated

You stand over me like a conquering hero
but you have vanquished no foe this day-

You have gained only a fleeting victory
but I have been guaranteed the war

You fight for self; I fight for a cause greater than any one person -
your conclusions regarding me are skewed, based on misinformation

You think I have been knocked out of this fight,
but I will stand upright once more and resume a defiant stance

I choose death while wearing a smile.
I know how the story ends, and in case this is a mystery to you -
You lose and I prevail

Assault me with your barbed words,
pierce me with your critical, disapproving glares with those dagger-like eyes -
Spread rumors behind my back, spin your false tales,
it makes no difference to me;
for they will gain no traction against my deeply rooted reputation -
Criticize, mock, plot against me; all is a vain effort;
Your schemes will unravel one at a time -
How frustrated you must be to see me, your enemy,
get back up time after time, ready to continue the battle -

What if your persecution of me awakens an immense and fearsome giant slumbering within me?
What if I were to wage war against you with everything in my possession?
What if I took aim at you with every scrap of strength, ingenuity, creativity, determination that I could scrape together?

Would you still think me insignificant? Or would you hide from me because you now see me as a threat, as a mighty warrior who will strike at you with persistence and power.

I will not be denied my destiny;
I will not be sidetracked any longer by your lies and distractions;
I am one of many who will witness your fall, your permanent descent and we shall be the better for your absence.

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