Saturday, May 10, 2014

Poem - "I Know"

Today has been an emotional day. Some days are like that. I have a lot on my mind, more so than I am fully aware of. So, because of these things I wrote this poem Can you relate?

Poem - "I Know"
I know that disappointment leaves a bitter taste in the mouth
I know that doubt can shake and undermine your dreams
I know that fear can stare you in the face every morning,
challenging your every step, your resolve to move forward;
I know that circumstances can wreak havoc on your carefully crafted plans, stifle your future,
smother your aspirations.
I know.

But, I also know that God has assigned each of us a purpose,and that He never leaves us or forsakes us.

Life is composed of a series of joys and heart-wrenching episodes

You posses the choice for how you will live your life, how you will react to the happy and the difficult circumstances life will throw at you.

Will you allow a root of bitterness to grow and mature in the depths of your heart? Or, will you allow God to to clear away the weeds and the debris, and plant the seedlings of love, joy, peace and hope?  How will you spend your days?

You choose, but remember, your decision impacts not only your life, but the lives of those around you.

I know what you're thinking
I know the degree of hurt you are experiencing
But, I know that a better day is coming,
and that in time you will reap a bounty of blessings.
You will recover, you will regain what was lost,
You will...
I know    


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