Monday, May 19, 2014

Poem - People of Faith

I wrote this a little while ago while sitting on the front porch enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze.

A sense of wonder and admiration is missing from today's culture;
We are so busy, so consumed with maintaining an active social calendar
that we neglect to nurture the friendships and relationships we have developed.

Time is squandered
and people begin to fade...
faces morph into unrecognizable blurs

We relay so much information about our daily lives
but why?

Every event, every get-together, every conversation is recorded and broadcasted onto a canvas
for all the world to see and take note of -

What kind of image are we promoting?
Is that self-made image accurate?
Or is it merely a fa├žade, a mask worn so that others will not notice what seems so obvious to us?

Is each status update an honest reflection, does it possess a kernel of truth?
Or is life so complicated that it is easier to pretend  that all is well than to open up and voice your concerns, your fears, your doubts?

Life can become mundane,
Life can develop into a colorless, bland existence,
Life can become unbearable for some -

Senseless violence, unabashed injustice, predominance of evil, numbing fear...
can sink every hope, every ambitious dream, every glimpse of a successful future -

How can anyone survive such circumstances?
How can anyone remain hopeful or starry-eyed?
How can anyone look at this world and make a resolution to be a force of good?
If this world is crumbling and humanity is lacking any moral decency,
then what can love, mercy or kindness hope to accomplish?

Who will defy the status-quo, the hate, the ugliness, the injustice, the chaos?

A person who's faith is anchored in Jesus Christ

That person possesses a life transforming entity within him, within her
that challenges the rule and the reign of darkness;
that mocks impossibilities and submits to no earthly authority, no man-made institutions -

This entity, this Spirit renews, restores, rejuvenates all that it comes into contact with,
and every thing, every individual that has such an encounter is better for it -

The Spirit operates to free humanity from the old, sinful nature
and produces a people that is focused on Christ, active disciples of the risen Lord
who will radically alter every aspect of society -

The Spirit cannot be contained; it is not a stagnant pool, but a flowing fountain
that empowers, enriches and edifies the Church, that body of Christ professing men and women -

God pours into us with the intent that His provisions will overflow in our lives and spill out onto others.

We accept every good thing He has to offer us so that we might bless those around us right now and the generations that are yet  to come
 May we live in a holy and righteous manner

 - Marty

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