Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Time to Praise!

I thought I would ask for reader participation on this post. I think it is important to know that is working in this world, performing good and mighty works within people, and even producing miracles. So, what has or is God doing in your life or in the life of someone you know that you believe He is worthy of receiving praise for? I can be anything, big or small. Whatever you deem God's work should be shared here. Testimonies help to encourage the body. So, share whatever is on your heart and be encouraged because God is at work and tackling impossibilities. Praise Him!

I will go first...

For the first time in thirteen years I have no hunger for pornography. I spoke with a friend and accountability partner three weeks ago and through that encounter where he confronted me about my addiction something, or several things broke off of me. Granted, my thoughts are still not as pure as what they should be; that is the next thing to tackle, but a 13 year long addiction to porn can definitely alter your thoughts, your perceptions regarding people, love, intimacy and relationships. That is a consequence of such behavior. So, by God's grace I will continue to carry on.

Another thought. If God can do this in my life, remove hunger pangs that I had come to know and expect for 13 years, just imagine what He can do for you. Submission to Him enables you to live a guilt-free, shame-free life. Be free in Jesus name!    

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